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Choosing a quality carpet for your Tampa home

Shopping for rugs can be a little overwhelming because it's easy to get distracted by all the colors, patterns, designs, and styles. A carpet installation can last for upwards of 20 years, and it’s vital not to get sidetracked and choose the right one for your specific needs and requirements. Also, keep in mind that while they may look alike, rugs can differ in quality and performance characteristics. Dig deep, ask a lot of questions, and know that our carpet store in Tampa, FL, is there to help you sort it all out.

First, qualify your carpet needs

A carpet will look and perform best when aligned with your needs. Do you have pets? There are some rugs with extra durability and stain resistance. Are there residents with mobility devices, such as walkers? If so, you may want a style where fibers won’t get stuck in wheels. In what room will the installation take place, and how will it be used? Every room has its priorities and needs.

Establishing quality in your carpet choice

Examine the rug’s label. Face weight means the amount of yarn on the carpet, measured in ounces. Generally, the more yarn can mean a longer-lasting rug, but it’s not the best way to determine durability. Many factors can determine a rug’s weight. As an example, one manufacturer has a “good-level” collection at 40-ounce face weight, while "best-level" is 63 oz.

Density means how closely together the fibers are tufted, and that number can range from 3,000 for average foot traffic, while heavy foot traffic should be 5,000. You can also see it for yourself by bending back a sample card. If you see a lot of white space, definitely check the density value and ask your flooring expert what exactly it means.

Twist number refers to how many times a fiber is turned per one-inch length. The higher the number, the stronger the rug. The twist is broken into residential and commercial categories, with the best residential number being three or four, while commercial is a five. However, the frieze, known for its tightly twisted, curly fibers, has a twist number of eight. Twist number doesn’t apply to some styles, such as the Berber.

Our Tampa carpet experts make shopping a breeze

At Terrace Carpets, we work with our customers during every phase of the process, from purchase to installation and, when necessary, beyond. We believe strongly in establishing relationships, not just making the one-time sales. Visit our showroom in Tampa, FL, especially if you live in or near Tampa, FL, Carrollwood, FL, South Tampa, FL, Seminole Heights, FL, Forest Hills, FL, Land' O' Lakes, FL, Wesley Chapel, FL, New Tampa, FL, Westchase, FL or Brandon, FL. We look forward to giving you a free estimate on your carpet flooring.